Fasting and Prayer

Important Guides on the Healing Journey: Always Books on Food as Medicine Books that were important in my healing journey Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar series Mark Hyman.¬†The Ultramind Solution G.A.P.S: Gut and Psychology… Continue reading

Case Study Tracking

In the comparison of case studies examined so far on this blog, beginning here, there were a total of 5 to compare, all sharing a basic orientation to the world in their common… Continue reading

Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything. Hansel remembers the breadcrumbs.   Something not quite right. Gretel’s got some nerve. Timing is everything. What if they had this conversation before leaving the house, when Hansel thoughtfully came… Continue reading

One’s Personality is the Other’s Design

The previous two posts compared three charts who all had open heart, thought and splenic centers. It recommended these people should practice decision making and discernment from an “uh huh”/”uh uh” level of… Continue reading

3 Case Studies in Human Design: Open vs. Defined Centers

The 3 Case Studies whose Human Design bodygraphs are given below are real people, friends who noticed right away the similarity in their bodygraphs, first of all in terms of centers:open vs. centers:defined.… Continue reading

Human Design: 3 Case Studies to Compare Design and Personality

Design and Personality: Expression and Definition The Human Design teachings track the position of planets 88 days before birth along with the position at birth. The prior position determines¬†Design and the birth position¬†Personality,… Continue reading