One’s Personality is the Other’s Design

The previous two posts compared three charts who all had open heart, thought and splenic centers. It recommended these people should

  • practice decision making and discernment from an “uh huh”/”uh uh” level of the gut
  • remember “there is no truth in the now” for them
  • never vow, never say never

Now for a closer look at the aspects shared by each of the pairs in this group born at 3-month intervals, giving a good perspective into the difference between design and personality.

See the black column of numbers down the right side of the chart below, the personality for case study #1:


Case Study 1:The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (Gates 55-59-34-20)

Notice the channels colored black in the bodygraph above for Case Study #1.

These channels will appear red, usually, in the bodygraph for Case Study #2, which has nearly the same numbers in red down the left side that were seen in black in Case Study #1.


Case Study 2: Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty

Notice where the numbers appear on the bodygram and the color of the channels going out from those numbers–black for case study #1, red for case study #2. The first two numbers for personality in case study #1, and design in #2 (and #4 also).

  • Gate 55 – Spirit – Abundance – Emotional energy– expression of spirit.
  • Gate 59 – Sexuality – Dispersion – the drive to continue the species.

These two individuals scored low in agreeableness and conscientiousness on this online personality quiz.

Another Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty shown below, the father of one of our case studies, has the 55/59 channel seen in case studies 1 & 2.


Case Study #4: Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty (father: Case Study #1)

This bodygraph and the one following share a family trait, some quality in both that inspires fidelity; it is found in their common 59-6 gate, which results in a trait of true respect for and by women, an aspect of the drive to continue the species.

Notice how the open centers, the white shapes on each of these bodygraphs, for all bodygraphs posted so far, are generally the same, with some variation, but all open heart and spleen. See roughly the same open centers here, the son of case study #1. Notice the the role of the solar plexus in this family.


Case Study #5 (son of Case Study #1)

Case Study #3 also has the 59-6 channel of true chivalry, also called Age of Women men and women.



Case Study #3: Left Angle Cross of Revolution (4/49 | 8/14)

The 43/23 channel is strong in all but one (#4) of the case studies.

The 59/6 is active in all but #2.