43/23 Channel, “Freak to Genius”

Case Studies 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 all have the

43/23 Channel of Freak to Genius. People with this channel defined tend to have ideas that are different. Their ideas have the potential to change the world. Thus Genius. Without new ideas and new ways to do things, society might stagnate. So we need the 43/23.

What happens when a person who has a completely new idea about how to do something just starts telling everyone else what to do? People resist, right? When the 43/23 just spouts out revolutionary ideas, they may occur to everyone else as a freak. Thus we call the 43/23 the Freak to Genius channel.

The 43/23 individual is particularly prone to just sharing their thoughts, frequently leading to less-than-satisfying responses from other people. All their ideas are eager to be expressed through the Defined Throat Center.

Wait to Be Asked for Your Wisdom

According to Human Design, everyone is designed to be asked for their wisdom. This is true for everyone, whichever of the five Human Design Types they are. Life works most smoothly for all of us, 43/23 individuals included, when we wait to be asked for our thoughts – as ideas, thoughts, wisdom, input, suggestions, feedback, . . .

The 43/23 is an auditory channel. This individual may hear voices, hear their thoughts and ideas. They may be so focused on the thoughts in their heads that they don’t hear when other people are talking to them. If you want the attention of someone who has the 43/23 defined, it can be helpful to gently touch them before speaking.

As with all energies in Human Design, these are likely to be themes for you if the 43/23 is defined in your chart. This means that you may feel like you ARE this way, or possibly that you definitely ARE NOT this way. You may experience these aspects in positive ways, or in not-so-positive ways. https://miracleinspirations.com/blog/2013/03/what-is-fractal-in-human-design.html