The 3/5 Profile: Martyr-Heretic

I can best describe what I see in the 3/5 Profile, the Martyr Heretic, in view of someone else I used to know. I assign them this profile on account of a role they suggested for themselves, that of a reformer of new movements. I did not want to encourage this line of thinking in that person–it seemed like assigning oneself the Judas role, intimating the dire burden in the words, martyr and heretic.

Case Study #1

In the past I would have thought the martyr heretic serves the function of the scapegoat in a community. Now I see more of what my friend was seeing for himself, a role as catalyst for correction and inspiration by being the misfit, or the squeaky wheel, the canary in the coal mine?

The profile, I ask deep and long, is it a permanent feature or essential function? If recognized and addressed, can a profile–with a certain role, or function–be fulfilled sufficiently to, let’s say, check that off the bucket list on the soul’s journey?

I also ask without expectation of getting an answer if there was need for only one martyr heretic and he graciously was allowed to move on, the role would be fulfilled.

Again, I ask now regarding my own life, if the role achieved a show of fulfillment, with willingness to accept the role and to anticipate a longer trajectory for the martyr heretic, further consequences of putting that ball into play, but playing itself out, I hope, with interest in seeing what other karma remains to burn off.

Supportive interpretations:

“The third line does not have natural transpersonal gifts. The other is something that they bang into or bangs into them. … The third line personality has the keynote of adaptation….However, not prepared for the other, it is often naive in its assumptions. The third line personality is a theme of trial and error. Any attempt to universalize out of the subjective is bound to meet resistance. The third line personality is not rigid like the fourth line. It is not fixed in its nature. It is built to bend, to adapt. … So many human beings who carry third line themes suffer in this life through presumed failure. Mistakes are interpreted as failure. But the theme is trial and error. Through this theme mistakes are not negative but a process that can lead to profound results. It is extremely common in scientific research that a mistake leads to great discovery. …In the 3/5 profile, we have a martyr personality. We have an anarchist personality. Beneath the surface at the unconscious level, there is a heretical nature. To have this profile, one needs to have a good sense of balance.

“constantly internalizing what is revealed and how this impacts them.  After synthesizing the impact, they then share the results with world or at least their local community….The 3-5 profile can be one of the more difficult profiles to feel at harmony with the rest of humanity. Between the projection not always being invited and the experiments being judged, the 3-5 person can feel pressure from the world to withdraw to get out of the heat. Yet the 5th line is determined to make change and will push the 3-5 out there again, to project the way.”